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Preparing for a new bundle of joy

Getting the new big brother and/or sister involved is the perfect approach for capturing the beauty and authenticity of this precious fleeting moment of childhood. Having the older siblings involved gives them a chance to embrace their new place in the evolving landscape of your family.

This can be a great way to bond and connect with your children, as well as a fun way of celebrating a new life. Transitioning into the role of Big Brother/Big Sister can be made extra special by marking this moment for your older children too. It will help them get excited about the new sibling they'll soon meet (as if they weren't excited enough already!)

Make sure your little ones are well rested, that they’re comfortable and confident in both their clothes and surroundings, and that you come armed with patience—then let the magic happen! Posing isn't necessary for this shoot. I always make sure to have a few special surprises (toys!) to get them to warm up. A favorite snack or book doesn’t hurt either!

I've found that the most successful shoots are often the ones that let the kids lead. It’s a magical, spirited time and there’s so much to take in.

By sitting back and capturing those honest moments, you’ll ensure a stunning shoot you’ll love for decades.

Remember, you only have a couple of months to do your maternity photos before your body changes back to its pre-pregnancy self, so scheduling and timing is of the essence. Contact me as soon as you decide to make sure we have our schedules are aligned. I look forward to hearing from you soon! - maureen

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