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Hi, welcome to my bio! 

So, I'm guessing you've navigated to this page because you'd like to know more about me, which is really sweet of you. I appreciate your interest, I really do. Please bear with me, because you see, writing about myself is just about the last thing I want to do. I'd much rather focus on you, but okay, well since you asked, I'll try.

I’ve been taking pictures since 2009. It all started when I shot my first NCAA lacrosse game (UNC vs Lehigh). Something happened that night. The game was fast paced and thrilling, so when I sat down to edit the shots I was hoping I had captured some of that excitement. When I opened them up to edit them, I realized some were actually pretty good. I had captured the ball (clearly and in focus!) going into the goalie's stick and a player making a diving shot across the crease. I was hooked! 

I don’t need to go on and on here to convince you that I’m smitten with photography. It's something I hope you can see in my work. I seek out those unusual yet naturally occuring moments. Those moments when you think nothing is happening....for me that's when everything is happening.  


I haven’t won any awards (mostly because I don't enter contests), but my pictures have been published in the 2013 NCAA Duke Men's Lacrosse commemorative book and on countless websites. And NHL Forward, Jiri Tlusty (currently of the NJ Devils), has one of my photos of him making a diving goal against the Washington Capitals hanging in his house.  The look on the faces of my clients when they see their images for the first time is where I find my joy, that's my 'award'. I've devoted much of the last 7 years solely to the study of how to become a better photographer. There's always something new to try...I'll never stop learning, because I truly love what I do. 

What can you expect from me?

My craft is storytelling – photography is my medium. My goal is to tell your story. My method is mostly editorial...journalistic. My look is whatever suits the moment, but my goal is for my shots to touch you...for you to be able to feel and remember the moment forever.

I can’t wait to meet you!


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Tel: 215-901-5349

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